Motorola cps not reading radio

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Motorola cps not reading radio

Version Notes R Support scroll bar feature. Support personalities on CM Fixed the CPS automatically modifies codeplug mismatched values when reading archive files of radios with firmware versions R The channel position was under 'Conventional Personalities' in the old CPS and is now moved to the left window under a new item called 'Channel Position'.

Support for additional frequency bands for the CM and CM radios. Drag and drop support and cloning support between different codeplug versions. Support for copying the receive frequency, with an optional user defined offset, to the transmit frequency. Improved error handling during radio communication.

This is necessary to support certain narrowband Now supports per user settings for the preference settings and the dealer information fields printed on the customer handout report. Drag and drop support between models and products. Support for renaming personalities, systems, and lists.

Support for multiple selection configuration. However, you may want more space to allow you to save archive files of your radios. Each archive file varies in size depending on the features of the radio that are enabled. A good rule of thumb is 75 KB per archive file. Newer Post Older Post Home. Amateur Radio Software. Total Pageviews.Johnson, or any other, remember to make a copy of the original code plug with the commercial frequencies and archive it.

Just save the code plug to the codeplug archive directory on the hard drive and use the radio serial number as the file name. It's much better to waste a few kilobytes of cheap hard drive space on a backup you may never need than to need a backup you don't have and can't get.

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More details in the RSS article below. Much of the information presented below was compiled from information provided by a half-dozen folks via emails and phone calls, and condensed into article form for distribution here to help the radio enthusiasts understand just why Motorolas RSS is such a pain to use and why the perfomance is so problematic.

Other information was contributed, some anonymously on a floppy disk but the envelope had a Schamburg postmark! You can pack a lot of plain text on a 1. These articles attempt to cover some of the problems that the users of DOS based i. While the articles are Motorola-specific, some of the workaround techniques are applicable to other brands. If you misuse any RSS, or run it in a DOS Window, or on a too-fast computer that makes it crash or corrupt a code plug, it has the potential for turning expensive radios into bricks.

And despite how much one would like, one won't work on the other. Radius handhelds even have different RSS than the Radius mobiles.

Moto sells the RSS, like the manuals, through their spare parts system. The GM was designed from the outset to have three different front panels, hence that particular RSS "knows" about and supports all four series of radios. For example, the Desktrac base comes in two versions, a base with one radio chassis inside and a repeater with two radio chassis inside.

The stock radio chassis inside the Desktrac housing are Maxtrac mobiles, plus there is a control board that interfaces them together plus controls the wireline remotes. The RSS package for the Desktrac contains two different programs, one is the complete Maxtrac mobile package, the other programs the control board inside the Desktrac station. Trunking radios generally used different RSS than the conventional models in the same product line - for example conventional Maxtracs used different RSS than their trunked cousins.

Customer Programming Software (CPS) Plus User Guide - EN, IT

The trailing letter on the number is replaced with the version indicator letter. It happens to be the RSS for a conventional non-trunking Maxtrac. The revision or version number only comes in to play when Moto updates that particular RSS. Naturally revision 2 is later newer than revision 1. And the version number of the RSS is embedded in the programming that is loaded in the radio - to change the program later on you need the same or newer version more on this in the articles below.

Revision or version numbers typically have a leading letter then three numeric fields and usually end with a letter. For example, "R So, from the above, you can see that what is critical is that the model number of the RSS has to be the correct one for your radio series, and the version number has to be equal to or greater than what was last used to program the radio.

And what's a RIB? A newcomer to Motorola radios has to first understand the question, then answer it before the purchase of his first cable. Many people do not understand the parameters of the decision to go with a RIBless cable versus a RIB and one or more "dumb" cables. What's a RIB? It's a Radio Interface Box - a multifunction black box device that does several things: 1 It does voltage level conversion from the RS serial data voltages to the voltages that the radio expects.

There are manufacturers that build so-called "RIBless" cables. We will discuss the DB-connector ones first: They aren't really RIBless as these serial cables take advantage of a design quirk in the serial port sometimes called the data port built into some radios which allows the use of a very simple RIB circuit that works most of the time and some manufacturers package them into the shell of the connector that plugs into the COM port on the computer.You can enhance the employee productivity and overall tenant satisfaction by bringing an edge in communication.

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Download and install it for free! Making Motorola phones BackUp for free! Updating Motorola drivers for free!

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For certain Android-powered devices, Motorola Device Manager can also update your software. Mac Mac OS This incredible program features an intuitive and easy to use interface that enables you to recover and backup all the data you have on your phone in just a few minutes.

The program lists the updates available based on your search criteria on a single screen. You can easily find the updates that are most important to you and your users, avoid the cumbersome task of downloading updates individually, and more.

motorola cps not reading radio

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LIVE Stream: MOTOTRBO 1 Channel Analogue \u0026 2 Channel Digital Programming Examples

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Mobipocket Reader With this smart tool, you can arrange all your eBooks, eNews, your own eDocs on your computer.Wayne Holmes Monday, September 24, For quite some time, this was the urgent plea one would hear from technicians in the field. He had downloaded and installed the CPS, but was getting an error message when trying to read a radio. I was able to spot the cause and solve his problem - purely from experience.

Therefore, for the benefit of the general radio community, here is a list of things to check, when you experience such difficulties Is the radio working correctly and the battery charged?

If this is a display model, does the battery gauge show "full bars"? The fake cables you get on certain trading websites are known to be problematic. Spend the money and buy the right thing! Is the USB port, to which the radio is attached, in a working condition? Try plugging the radio in on another port. Does Windows see the device and does it install the drivers? Confirm that there is nothing listed as an unknwon USB device.

Disable all other network connections.

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Lastly, are you using the latest CPS? At the time of writing this post, the latest CPS version is 8. Popular Posts. This is an entry-tier budget model. New CPS and a few changes.

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This redesign enables future functionality and eases installation.Do not spam your product, website, blog, YouTube channel or other personal project. Do not post another user's personal information. This includes callsign if they don't have it publicly displayed!

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Keep it legal. Posts containing blatant or intentionally illegal or malicious content may be removed at the moderators' discretion. Use Reddiquette. We take it seriously here. Just knock it off. Mods will remove posts and comments at their discretion for violating this. All memes must use the MEME flair. This allows users to filter them if they choose. The moderators have the final say.

We will strive to maintain a fair, inclusive, and positive atmosphere, but we can't please all of the people, all of the time. Click here for the complete rules. Click here for in-browser chat client. Join us and talk with other redditors that frequent this sub and reddit. I'm looking for advice on what would be required to set myself up for programming some CDM radios for 70cm repeaters, GMRS and simplex. I'll probably have at most 4 or 5 radios to maintain.

Are there any free licensing options for the CPS software from Motorola? Do the 25khz entitlement keys cost money? I am not aware of any way to legally get CPS for free or a reduced price. That being said, and the Internet being the Internet, finding copies of it floating around is possible. The main thing to be aware of on the CPS side is that once you write a codeplug to your radio, you can never use an older version of CPS, so be careful when you're programming your radios.

Only versions of CPS released after require the entitlement key to do 25kHz channels, so as long as you keep the codeplug and CPS at an older version, you'll be fine. I haven't done this yet, but am currently helping a friend with the process so I might know more soon. As for exactly which version was the last that doesn't require an entitlement key, I've heard different stories.

The two I hear most often is 6. I've managed to keep almost all of my CDM radios all the way back at something like 6.The following questions should be answered in this article:. First, there is no visual way to identify the frequencies programmed into an existing CP without using some type of external equipment to read the radio.

A CPD can be read using programming cables and software or with equipment such as a "Frequency Counter". Below are a few options when considering the programming a Motorola CPD.

Let the dealer read and program your CPD radios. This will save you the up front expense of the hardware and the time required to learn the basics of radio programming. This solution is best for those that will not likely make changes to the radio programming regularly and want to avoid the time required to learn how to use the software.

You can send us an existing radio to read and program your new radios to match. You can purchase the required cables to connect your CPD radio to a windows computer.

motorola cps not reading radio

This will require a basic understanding of two way radio frequencies to program the radio correctly. This service is a one on one training service with our trained technician who will walk you though the setup of the software and cables then cover the features of the software and help you read and write your radios. Our customers have found this service to be extremely helpful and they use this to reduce the downtime typically seen when sending in a radio or taking the radio to a local Motorola Dealer.

A Frequency Counter can be used with your radio to display the transmit frequency being used on that channel.


This device listens for a TX signal and displays the frequency number on a screen. Frequency counters are good for testing purposes and will only tell you the transmit frequency of your radio. If your radio channel is setup for simplex operation radio to radio then you will need to know both the RX and TX frequencies. If your radio is setup to work with a repeater system then you only have half of the puzzle. Frequency counters vary depending on the features offered and may not provide you with all of the required information such as privacy codes so we only recommend a frequency counter when you have no other options.

Even then you will need to provide the information pulled to someone with a computer and cable to program a new radio. Topics: How To.Talkie Man. Your Motorola radio programming mode allows you to change some settings while others are left unchanged as they are non-programmable.

The programmable settings on your walkie-talkie include. By default, your Motorola radio is programmed to these settings. Channel 1- 8 each with its corresponding frequency from To enter the programming mode on your device, make sure your radio is fully charged.

Some MOTOTRBO CPS error codes and how to solve them

The radio will make a beep sound and display the PROG sign. Ensure that you hold down the PTT button when programming, if you press and release the PTT button during programming, it takes you back to the program page thereby losing all what you have programmed. In a simpler way, push down the push to talk PTT button together with the button underneath it firmly, and turn the radio on, it gives a beep sound with a flashing green light.

The interference eliminator code helps provides you with codes that filter out static, noise or unwanted messages thus minimizing interference on your walkie-talkie either while transmitting, receiving or on standby. You can reduce the number of channels on your radio if you need fewer channels. You can set your radio to transmit call tones to other radios in your group to alert them especially if you want to transmit.

The call tone is factory set to 0 turned off but you can change the setting to a preferred call tone. The Vibra call feature is an additional option on the call tone.

When the Vibra call feature is turned on, the vibra signal is displayed on the radio.

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To transmit your call tone, press the bell sign on the side of your radio. To avoid unwanted transmissions when scanning, and for faster scanning, you can edit the scan list to change channels on your radio. More than the manual programming, the software programming is very easy to operate and within few minutes, you are done changing the features you want changed on your radio.

The CPS software is made available for free on www.

motorola cps not reading radio

To program using the software, place your Motorola radio into the Drop-in charger tray and connect your radio through the CPS programming cable to the computer once you have verified that the programming cable switch is in the Analog mode. The Motorola radio has pre-programmed frequency and to change your radio frequency, it has to be done manually for each channel.

To program the radio frequency, enter the advanced configuration mode by pressing and holding down the Push to talk button and MENU for 3 seconds while turning the radio on. The Motorola walkie-talkie uses a range of frequencies to transmit and receive messages. There are up to 56 UHF frequencies available on a Motorola walkie-talkie.

The frequency chart below shows some of the frequency number and the corresponding bandwidths for transmitting and receiving messages. The frequency may be the same on different Motorola devices, but the bandwidths are sometimes different.

The Motorola walkie-talkie is designed mostly for hikers, campers and other individuals that love being outdoor more than they are indoor. To set the Motorola walkie-talkie frequency, you must ensure that both devices have their batteries inserted and well charged before use. Once your desired channel is displayed on the screen, press the MENU key. Related Posts.


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