Hallett murders jamestown ny

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Hallett murders jamestown ny

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Arnold L. Bardosi said the two, Richard J. Parrish, 28 years old, and Susan Hallett, 24, had been arrested in an apartment that he said the two had lived in together. Miss Hallett's father, Robert W.

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Hallett, 49; his wife, Grace, 39, and their daughter, Ann, 8, were found shot to death late Monday in their home in the town of Busti, near this Lake Chautauqua city. Their bodies were found facedown and shoulder to shoulder on the floor. There were unconfirmed reports that a wall safe had been found empty, with its door opened.

Bardosi said the Detroit police had arrested Mr. Parrish after tracing him to Mr. Miss Hallett was taken into custody later, Mr. Bardosi said. He said that Miss Hallett had been using the name of Parrish, but that he was not certain whether the couple was married. He indicated that Mr. Parrish was her boyfriend.

Bardosi said Mr. Parrish and Miss Hallett were being held in Detroit as fugitives from justice. See the article in its original context from February 14,Page 47 Buy Reprints. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Home Page World U.According to rumors, the historic Lucille Ball Little Theatre has been the setting for many reports of ghostly apparitions and other paranormal phenomena.

Tiny Hollenbeck Cemetery, with about 25 graves, hasn't been used since before the turn of the century. But legends abound about the place; folks have witnessed a headless horseman, a woman in white, ghostly babies crying, screams for help, knocking sounds, orbs, and tombstones that are said to have disappeared.

Hotel Lenhart, which dates back to s, was rebuilt in after a fire and partially restored again inafter another fire. An unknown haunt is said to reside in the building, opening and closing doors and tugging at the hair of visitors. The Village Casino is a teen dance hall rumored to be haunted by the ghost of former teenaged chef Jordan Basile, who died in an explosion due to a malfunctioning oven.

The ghost makes himself known by causing food to disappear and dancers to trip over nothing on the dance Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery has gravesites that date back to the s and a tragic story to boot. Legend has it that long ago, a mentally handicapped girl, age 7, was stoned to death here by a gang of townsfolk.

The reason for the witch hunt is unknown. Her body is Dewittville Cemetery, aka Poor House Cemetery, was a place to bury the poor folks who were housed here and passed away. The cemetery was in use between andalthough grave markers weren't used until The cemetery, barn and woods are said to be full of spirits who Located in Lily Dale, NY the heart of the spiritualist movement, Maplewood Hotel is allegedly haunted by numerous spirits.

An old hotel, it lacks some of the modern amenities travelers are used to, but it's apparently a good fit for the spook crowd. There are two places here that are believed to be haunted. One is the circas Assembly Hall, where there is an apparition of a bearded man with spectacles and Victorian Jaquin's Pond is legendary in local ghost stories. The area is basically a swampy woodland with some narrow dirt roads through it and three bridges.

All three bridges are said to be haunted by George, a former school bus driver who killed himself in despair when a little boy died The mansion that's now the McClurg Museum was originally built by James McClurg, son of a wealthy industrialist, as his stately private residence.

It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a maid. Children on a fourth-grade field trip encountered the ghost, whom they described as a He is said to slam doors, change TV channels, and tinker with lights, water faucets, and the elevators. The hall It closed in and by the mids it had been demolished.The door was locked but the light outside was burning bright, and when the three women arrived for bridge with Mr.

Haysom they were puzzled to find no one answering the bell. The cars were in the driveway. Though it was daytime, the porch lamp by the door had been left on. It was April 3,and the neighborhood was quiet. The women called Annie Massie, a friend who had a spare key, in case something had befallen their bridge partner or his wife.

Derek, seventy-two, was a South African engineer. He had met Nancy, an American, known as Cita, in Johannesburg when they were both divorced.

Nancy dubbed the place Loose Chippings, after a British phrase for scattered gravel on the road. When Massie entered the house, she found the Haysoms sprawled on the ground, caked in gore.

Blood Ties

Derek Haysom was on his side near a doorway, an arm stretched out before him. Nancy Haysom was in the kitchen, traced in crimson whirls, as if someone had wiped the blood around her like Windex on glass. Both bodies were ragged with stab wounds, and their necks had been cut nearly from ear to ear. Officers soon swarmed the scene. Loose Chippings had a Lynchburg mailing address but sat in Bedford County, outside town. Chuck Reid and Ricky Gardner, investigators from Bedford, set out to discover what the neighbors knew.

Gardner, then twenty-nine, had never worked a homicide before. The house revealed no indication of forced entry. On the dining-room table were place settings and the remnants of a meal.

No weapon could be found, but there were footprints in the blood. One looked to have been made by a tennis shoe, and two more by a sock.


Forensic study showed that the Haysoms had blood-alcohol levels of. A vodka bottle nearby carried fingerprints, as did a shot glass. DNA analysis was largely unavailable inbut, from these samples, it was possible to reconstruct a sequence of events. At some point between March 29th and 31st, the killer or killers had arrived at Loose Chippings, probably during a meal.

Someone, it seemed, had sat down at the table with the Haysoms to eat. A trail of blood suggested that Derek Haysom was attacked there, and stumbled across the dining room as he bled. Then the murderer, with great presence of mind, seemed to have got up, wiped down much of the scene, and washed up in the bathroom.

By the time Elizabeth Roxanne Haysom started as a freshman at the University of Virginia, in the late summer ofshe was twenty—two years older than most of her classmates. In her final year at Wycombe Abbey, a boarding school outside London, she had botched her interview for Trinity College, Cambridge, blown off her A levels, then run away with a female lover to travel through Europe, sometimes high on drugs. At an orientation event, she met Jens Soering.

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He was a German student, born in Thailand and educated largely in the American South. He had horn-rimmed glasses, Mick Jagger lips, and a priggish haughtiness of manner. That evening, he struggled to make sense of Haysom.Susan B. Hallett of Jamestown, still in prison for the Feb. Hallett, 48, gained her dubious achievement this week with the release of Betty Tyson of Rochester, a former prostitute whose murder conviction was set aside by a judge who said police withheld evidence in her case.

State corrections officials confirmed that Ms. Hallett, who entered prison on March 26,has now served more time than any other woman in the system. Hallett, serving a sentence of 25 years to life in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, was eligible for parole for the first time in January. Three parole commissioners heard her say why she should be released.

They denied her parole in March. Hallett is still in prison, while her two co-defendants are now free, even though no one ever accused her of pulling the trigger and killing her father, Robert; his second wife, Grace; and their daughter Anne Marie. Richard Parish, the gunman, who was Ms. Hallett's boyfriend at the time, was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to three terms of 8 to 25 years in prison. Corrections officials said Parish was paroled in August The third defendant, Aaron Hale, was sentenced to probation in return for his testimony against Ms.

Hallett and Parish.

hallett murders jamestown ny

Hallett, who became a nurse in Detroit after growing up in Jamestown, was called the mastermind of a scheme to rob her father, a Jamestown businessman who owned a large discount store. After the three drove to Jamestown, Hale said, Parish forced the three victims to lie face down in Hallett's basement and warned Hallett not to turn around.

When he did, Hale said, Parish shot all three of them in the back of the head. Ward Jr. Hallett asked for executive clemency in Hallett has served her entire sentence in Bedford Hills, where she is described as a model inmate who lives in an honors cottage, Fiske Cottage.

hallett murders jamestown ny

She has her own room, the use of kitchen facilities and other comforts that make life easier than her previous years in jail. But I will be back into society. Now that her release is denied, parole officials say her next parole hearing will be in January Donald M.

Lewinski is expected to be arraigned Tuesday evening in the death of Rocco E. It was the absolute worst moment of my life. Two men have been arrested in a case that began with a shooting and ended with alleged attempts to steal a car alleged to contain cocaine.Ebersole, who was kidnapped last Tuesday in suburban Lakewood, was found this afternoon tied to a pine tree in a wooded area of the Township of Ellicott, just west of Jamestown.

An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Chautauqua County deputy sheriff found the body shortly after noon today, after searchers received a telephoned tip that they should look in the wooded area. The F. Snow on the body indicated that it had been in the same position for at least 24 hours, during which the temperature had dipped to about 20 degrees. The victim's father, Dr. Glen M.

Ebersole, a radiologist, wrapped the bills in aluminum foil and then in brown paper and left them in the boat behind an automobile agency building, as he had been instructed to do in two anonymous telephone calls to his home.

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The male caller had threatened to kill the doctor's son if the ransom was not paid. Whitmore, 19 years old, of West Ellicott, who is unemployed. Also under arrest are Kenneth L. Williams, 18, of West Ellicott, an employe of the teen center, and Jeffrey L. States District Court in Buffalo. Elfvin of Buffalo and the Chautauqua County District Attorney, Robert Sullivan, would decide before Jan 22 on whether to add state murder charges to the Federal kidnapping charges.

Ransom appeared to be the motive for the boy's abduction. He disappeared last Tuesday afternoon after leaving the family's expensive home in Lakewood to go to the teen center. The first ransom demand was telephoned to Dr. Ebersole about that night. Daniel's principal interest outside of school seemed to be boats and boating. One of his classmates, Carol Felice, said he spent considerable time last summer boating at Chautauqua Lake, which is only 50 yards from the Ebersole home.

Plyler, who also was Daniel's English teacher, said he was a good student and his marks were above average. The boy's father, who practices in Jamestown, is a close personal friend and political associate of Joseph Gerace, chairman of the Chautauqua County Legislature.

Gerace said yesterday that Dr. Ebersole, who identified his son's body where it was found, was in seclusion today. The Ebersoles have two other sons and a daughter, all of them older than Daniel. About law enforcement officers and volunteers had been searching for the victim yesterday and this morning throughout Chautauqua County, in the southwestern corner of New York State, adjoining the boundary of Pennsylvania.

hallett murders jamestown ny

When his body was found, the boy had only one boot, and a ski mask had been pulled over his face. He was clad in the same worn blue jeans and orange ski jacket that he had been wearing when he left home last Tuesday.


See the article in its original context from January 14,Page 31 Buy Reprints. View on timesmachine.Know more. Judgment affirmed. Memorandum: This case involves the shooting death of Robert Hallett, his second wife, Grace, and their younger daughter, Ann, in the basement of their home in the Town of Busti.

The defendants, along with Aaron Hale, were indicted by three separate indictments, one for each of the victims.

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Each indictment charged one count of intentional murder and one count of felony murder accusing the defendants of the crime of burglary as the underlying crime in the felony murder count. Hale's trial was severed.

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He then pleaded guilty to manslaughter, testified for the People, and was sentenced to probation. At the close of the trial the counts of intentional murder against appellant were dismissed. The jury found Parish guilty of manslaughter in the first degree and appellant guilty "as charged". The critical issue presented on this appeal is whether the jury's verdicts convicting Parish of manslaughter and acquitting him of felony murder is repugnant to its verdict finding appellant guilty of felony murder.

The jury acquitted Parish of felony murder by failing to render a verdict on that count CPL The court charged the jury that extreme emotional disturbance is a defense to intentional murder. The elements of first, second and third degree burglary were included in the charge on felony murder. Burglary was described as an "intent crime". The jury was instructed, albeit erroneously see People v.

Patterson39 N. Edwards64 A. Further, they were instructed that if the prosecution failed to prove that Parish intentionally participated in the burglary they must render a verdict of "not guilty of the felony murder count". Applying these instructions by the court, which we consider to be the law of the case People v.

hallett murders jamestown ny

Gibson65 A. The jury's acquittal of Parish of felony murder does not imply that the jury also found that he was not a "participant" in the burglary so as to render repugnant its verdict convicting appellant of felony murder. Implicit in the verdicts is the finding that both defendants were present in the house at the time of the burglary and that Parish committed the homicides. Under the instructions of the court the jury was obliged to consider the "extreme emotional disturbance" defense, and it is apparent that the jury conceivably related this defense to Parish's ability to form an intent to commit the underlying felony.

Failure on the part of Parish to form an intent to commit burglary does not remove this crime as the basis for appellant's conviction for felony murder. She would nonetheless be guilty of felony murder if the other "participant" with her, who actually committed a homicide during a burglary, was a non-suijuris infant or a mentally defective person incapable of forming an intent see People v.

Porter54 N.The vast majority of law enforcement officers get involved in police work to help others. We feel a heavy responsibility to solve a crimes. If you have ANY tidbit of information no matter how small you may think it is please tell us. It may help solve the case and give family the answers they deserve. They deserve to know you owe it to them. On December 6,a homicide victim was discovered in a ditch along Route.

The partially clad body was found by utility company employees at approximately a. The victim had been shot once in the back, twice in the chest, and once inside the mouth. The victim is described as follows:. It is believed the victim is from Canada or some European Country.

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Computer checks in the United States, Canada, and Interpol have been unsuccessful in locating any missing persons that fit the victims description. Attempts to identify the victim through fingerprints have also been unsuccessful. The victim suffered one gunshot to her left ear area. No motive or suspects were ever developed.

Nicholson had been shot and killed. Gonzalez-Reyes had been shot execution style. Victim was last seen in the City of Dunkirk. Town of Dunkirk near a pond and grape vineyard by an area resident. He was found with a fatal neck injury caused by a sharp instrument. Thomas B. Subject was found in the roadway with gunshot wounds. She was last seen wearing gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt with "Freeport Bahamas" on it.

Lori was last seen leaving a restaurant in Lakewood, New York on June 7, Cold Case File. To Lt. Randy Boland. Jane Doe. Judith Lynn McElheney. Rebecca Nicholson. Benjamin Gonzalez-Reyes. John Caylor. William A. Taft Sr. Lori Ceci Bova.


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